Pullium Sanitary Service - Septic Tanks | New Castle, PA Restaurant kitchen

When you're running a restaurant you want to make sure that you pass all your inspections without any problems. Prevent potential kitchen hazards from developing by having your grease traps cleaned professionally.


For a great price, you can set up a regular contract with Pullium Sanitary Service. We'll come to your business and safely pump you're outdoor grease traps so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Keep up with restaurant rules and regulations

Schedule regular grease trap or septic services

  • Tank pumping

  • Regular septic tanks

  • Holding tanks

  • Baffle repairs

Call for reliable grease trap services


  • Large grease traps

  • Outdoor grease traps

  • Safe removal of waste

  • Only outside tanks (any size)

Efficient and safe grease trap clean outs

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